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First, we talk about your ideas. Likely one-on-one at first, and then with others who will be part of the solution.


Next, I get to work building the solution. Typically, we meet quickly once per week during development for feedback, updates, and testing results.


Then, we deploy the solution and phase out the old system.


Finally, the solution moves into maintenance. All of the performance needs and features of the project are monitored, and improvements happen as needed.


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About me

My success is my client's success

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I have a passion for systems and people, and I particularly enjoy automating people-systems into technical solutions. My work involves finding the best tools to solve complex business needs by identifying existing technologies, developing custom applications, or even reorganizing a process flow to improve productivity.

I want my clients working with their best data instead of trying to find and assemble their data.

The critical thing in developing software is not the program, it's the design.
It is translating understanding of user needs into something
that can be realized as a computer program.

~ Mitch Kapor

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